Take Someone With You On Hearing Test In Toronto

A few days ago, I went to a local audiologist along with my father. While making an appointment the lady at the counter told me to bring someone else as well. in the beginning, I felt it was a weird request but she later told me that its essential for getting high-quality outcomes. She told me that bring someone familiar with the voice test and one who speaks a lot with the patient. So, I went along with my dad for the hearing test Toronto. At first, I was not sure about the visit but later I felt good. Here is why?

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Helping my dad was like I was helping myself

At first, my dad was not ready to accept that he has hearing loss because till now he was surviving without a hearing aid. He is 93 years old and that’s a too long time without using any aid for hearing. But, when things went too far I decided to take him for hearing test Toronto. I cannot repeat things anymore because it’s frustrating. He agreed to go for a test when I told him that we are going for a free hearing test.

How does the hearing assessment begin?

When we went to the audiologist, he asked about the daily routine of my dad and his health. He was trying to analyze how my dad would respond to the questions and the session.


The audiologist took my dad to a booth where sounds of various volumes and frequencies were played. My dad was supposed to indicate whenever he heard the sound. I was standing outside the booth and seeing the whole process. After the end of the session, he showed me the results. It was below normal and my dad could not respond well to the high-pitched sounds. Neither doctor and I were happy but my dad wasn’t surprised because he knew the result.

My turn in hearing test Toronto

The audiologist asked my dad to sit eight feet away from me in the hallway. He then gave me some words of high-frequency and my dad has to repeat them all. I said words like “face” to this he replied “late”. The test didn’t give me good results but it was fun seeing my dad repeating wrong words. He scored only 3.

hearing test toronto

Next test

The audiologist then gave him a hearing aid with fresh batteries in it. it was comfortable and beige color aid. Again the same procedure begins. This time I said “cup” and he repeated it exactly correct. He scored 7 out of 10.

One more test was there, this time I was standing 15-20 feet away from him. He then told me to talk normally to my dad but this time hearing aid was turned off. He didn’t listen to anything I said. The hearing aid was turned on and then I said the same. Now, he was able to listen to words carefully.

We get the hearing aid recommended by the audiologist. Now, he is feeling good and I can see improvement in his life. With a gentle push of loved ones, we can give the elderly person a better life. So, you must go with your loved ones when going for a hearing test Toronto.